Guidelines for submission to fkyahdianaross:

01 | Diana only PLEASE. I cannot stress it enough. This is a Diana Ross tumblr and it is not a gateway for you to pimp out your personal tumblr or artists related to her. This tumblr is specifically created to celebrate the talent and life of Diana Ross.

02 | If you are submitting photographs and quotes by her children/husbands/friends, there needs to be Diana included somewhere in the post. Her children are amazing and she has worked with many amazing people but if Diana Ross is not included in the post, the submission will not be accepted.

03 | No hate is allowed at any and every cost. This is a fan tumblr and therefore, there will be no negativity towards Diana especially based on a person’s opinion.

04 | Please do not post links in the submission box unless you realize that the photograph you are linking me to is no longer counted as a submission but is now an original post.

05 | I love every single submission I receive relating to Diana but please do not get upset if you do not see your submission. That just means that I’ve posted the photograph before and it is not harm or ill will towards you.

06 | I know it’s just Tumblr but this is a fansite so I take this blogging very seriously with this Tumblr. If I am half-posting please don’t hesitate to let me know.

07 | SUBMIT SUBMIT SUBMIT! The more Diana Ross, the better! I can’t cover everything and I definitely don’t have every quote and picture!